At xamoom there will be a change in the management: Co-founder Georg Holzer moves from the second row back into the front seat as CEO. Why? A long story in a nutshell:

We have every reason to celebrate: Georg, next to Bruno Hautzenberger co-founder of xamoom, is getting better after two tough years. Just over two years ago, the shock came with the diagnosis of colorectal cancer – from one chemo to another and a surgery but still always with 100 percent heart at xamoom and in the office. Nevertheless, Georg had to cut back work at this time in his career – but with Barbara as CEO, a top expert could be brought on board in the summer of 2016 to keep the gap at least as small as possible.

In these almost two years, the company has developed at least as well as before on many levels: Together, new products could be created, additional features developed and of course a lot of new customers could be won in addition to the relaunch of the corporate design. The next exciting new developments are already on the roadmap, which will help establish xamoom as a successful player in the market for proximity marketing and mobile information systems.

Handing over the baton

“Now, I am pleased that Georg is so fit, that I can hand over the helm to him with a clear conscience and start my next adventure – in whatever form this is waiting for me. I would like to thank the entire team for the great time, exciting projects, joint brainstorming and discussions, ups and downs that we mastered and that only made us stronger. I wish each individual personally and the company as a whole only the best for the future.”

Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt

Taking the baton

“Thank you, Barbara! Without you, the company would not have existed like it does. Although it was not obvious to many, but I had to step back a little during the last two years. Now that the cancer is almost defeated, I take over an orderly house – with a great product and even better employees. Together with Bruno – he remains co-managing director – we will continue Barbara’s ambitious work. Some very prestigious clients and projects are ahead and we have big goals to work on in the near future. HellYEAH!”

Georg Holzer

Photos:Martin Steinthaler, Adobe Stock/vectorfusionart