The team

Georg Holzer | Foto: Martin Steinthaler

Georg Holzer

CEO, co-founder and customer angel
Former business and technology journalist, amongst others, writing for the Kleine Zeitung, Tiroler Tageszeitung, Future Zone, c’t and Founded Project Ingeborg in 2012 and xamoom in 2014 together with Bruno. Journalist of the Year, New Media Journalism Award, Media Award of Carinthia, Netidee award and Bank Austria Art Prize for Project Ingeborg ( CREOS in Gold and Start-up of the year 2014.

Bruno Hautzenberger

CTO, co-founder & tech wizzard
Senior Software Engineer and System Architect. Prior to xamoom, Bruno specialized in ECM-Systems (Enterprise Content Management) and mobility projects. As CTO responsible for all developments, SaaS-and API strategy, as well as for the cloud infrastructure.
Thomas Krainz-Mischitz
Thomas Krainz-MischitzApp-Developer
Petar Cekic
Petar CekicWeb-Developer

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