About Georg Holzer

Studied business administration. Got bored, dropped out, became a journalist – not a bad one. Got bored again. Started pingeb.org together with Bruno. Got excited about the possiblities and founded xamoom. Became CEO, stepped down, now: product owner, master of bureaucracy and everything others don't want to do.

v8 – The most personal xamoom ever

66 new languages, Alexa support and recommendations that cannot be more personal – only three out of 100+ new features and improvements in xamoom 8.0.

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Mobile Trends 2017

Android will be replaced by another OS soon, the EU sets an end to roaming fees and apps will finally be able to do more. And a lot more will change in mobile marketing ...

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Eddystones – beacons without apps

In order to use beacons, you need an app. Well, not always. xamoom now also supports Google's physical web standard and it's Eddystone-beacons. It works like a charme – well, almost.

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Implementing the Physical Web

The Physical Web specifies a concept of how places and objects can broadcast information or add functionality to themselves using so called Eddystones, which broadcast URLs via the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon profile. These URLs can point to information or web apps tied to this object in a browser or to deep link into installed apps on iOS and Android. This allows developers to make phones react to real world context without having a dedicated app installed on the user's phone, like it is the case with iBeacons. (HINT: If you do not want to go too far into detail and just want to know how you can use that right now, scroll down to "The easiest way of implementing this") Perquisites To make this work the user needs to have the latest version of Google Chrome installed, the phone must be capable of the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon profile (iOS 7+, Android 4.3+) and the user must have Bluetooth as well as location services activated. Today it is pretty likely that a lot of users already meet these perquisites since location services are needed by a lot [...]

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Hi, it’s Barbara

xamoom has a new CEO: Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt. Why the smartphone addict joined xamoom and more about her plans.

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