About Georg Holzer

Studied business administration. Got bored, dropped out, became a journalist – not a bad one. Got bored again. Started pingeb.org together with Bruno. Got excited about the possiblities and founded xamoom. Became CEO, stepped down, now: product owner, master of bureaucracy and everything others don't want to do.

v8 – The most personal xamoom ever

66 new languages, Alexa support and recommendations that cannot be more personal – only three out of 100+ new features and improvements in xamoom 8.0.

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Mobile Trends 2017

Android will be replaced by another OS soon, the EU sets an end to roaming fees and apps will finally be able to do more. And a lot more will change in mobile marketing ...

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Eddystones – beacons without apps

In order to use beacons, you need an app. Well, not always. xamoom now also supports Google's physical web standard and it's Eddystone-beacons. It works like a charme – well, almost.

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