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xamoom connects places and objects with the smartphone – always right content in the right language.

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xamoom offers mobile information systems for …

Tourist Informations Systeme


Destination management organizations use xamoom to offer additional content in the real world. They help that guests can explore the region better.

After Sales Bauer Borchardt

Smart Packaging

Solutions for after sales service at the smartphone. Connecting products to the internet before there is a connection.


Museums and Galleries

Innovative institutions provide an added value and let objects and artists talk to enhance the experience.

Ortsbezogene Werbung


Be present at the right moment. With xamoom the physical world becomes your most important digital channel.

Mobile Informationssysteme für Industrie


Affordable service with no barriers: xamoom connects your appliances with the right content (manuals, service information etc.).


Trade shows

Companies use xamoom for their presence at trade shows to use more customer touch points than ever before

Kunst und Kultur im öffentlichen Raum

Arts and Culture

With Project Ingeborg we have proof that a regional art project can have a global reach and win one award after the other.

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xamoom is …

  • ... easy.

    No server, no special software: A browser is everything you need to start your mobile information service.

  • ... fast.

    Incredible performance, smart roll out processes and a short training period.

  • ... affordable.

    Transparent pricing: a small monthly fee instead of big investments at the start.

xamoom supports all technologies that identify the user’s context

Beacon Icon

Bluetooth LE

We support Apple’s iBeacons specification as well as Google’s Physical Web (Eddystones). Thus, you can use beacons with or without an app.

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NFC Icon


Near Field Communication is integrated into almost all Android devices. Just touch the smart label and the phone gives you the right content.

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QR Icon

QR Code

A QR code is a machine-readable tag that is easy to use and with the help of xamoom’s cloud CMS gives you just what you want.

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Geofence Icon

GPS Geofencing

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. The GPS module in the smartphone localizes the user, xamoom brings the right content.

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A selection of our customers

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Prices and Awards

Logo Bank Austria
CREOS Winner Logo
Futurezone Award Winner
Landespreis für xamoom - TD|IKT 2015

World Summit Award 2016
National nominee for Austria at the global award for mobile innovation with impact on society.

Bank Austria Art Price
In February 2014 we won Austria’s highest valued price for arts & culture.

CREOS in Gold and Silver
We won a regional advertising award in 2014 and 2016.

Start-up of the Year 2014
We were honored by Futurzone.at, Austria’s premier tech magazine.

TD|IKT 2015
1st and 3rd price at the ICT award of the region of Carinthia for developing excellence.

Titelbild: Jan Druk/AdobeStock

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