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Increase the relevance of your content and lift storytelling to the next level: create content with iBeacons, GPS Geofencing, NFC Tags and QR-Codes.

Real Time Content for all Devices

Adapt content on the mobile web and apps in real time. xamoom also supports voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.

Real World

Learn which locations, content and context identifiers work best. Optimize your presence continuously based on insights and learnings generated in the real world.

Four easy steps to creating a contextually intelligent mobile solution

1.Register on the platform: Choose your basic settings and design. Adapt to your individual corporate design.

2.Create content: Create pages with multimedia and multilingual content. Existing content can easily be transferred to the xamoom platform.

3.Context identifiers: Smartphone-readable identifiers like iBeacons, NFC-Tags or QR-Codes are connected to the content pages and placed at the corresponding real world places.

4.Start: As soon as a user scans one of your context identifiers or enters a beacon area, xamoom delivers the relevant content in the right language and at high pace.

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