App Development

You want to make the most of location and context based features by using iBeacons or NFC Tags, but are not sure how to best integrate all components?

xamoom can support you in developing the app you really need or by facilitating integration into an already existing app. Our developmental team has the expertise and project experience to differentiate between app must-haves vs. add-ons.

Create a great concept to provide a mobile experience foryourusers.

Based on our existing platforms and SDKs, we can develop apps in less time and at a lower cost than other technology providers. Following the release of the app, you will always be able to edit content on your own, without accessing any further developmental resources.

Beispiele unserer Arbeit:

  • Project Ingeborg/
  • ORF Programmpräsentation
  • Arthouse Kollitsch

ORF B2B Event

Client: ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Platforms: Android & iOS

Special Features: iBeacons trigger location based features like live-voting in discos of radio stations OE3 and FM4 or an integrated selfie feature near the photo printer. The menu of the native app can be 100% managed via the CMS backend and the home screen can be configured easily via tags in the CMS.

Project Ingeborg/

Client: Project Ingeborg, Society for the worldwide promotion of regional artists

Platforms: Android & iOS

Special Features: unlock teaser content like songs or e-books of local artists by scanning QR-Code or NFC tag or contact with an iBeacon.

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