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App Generator

Looking to create your own iOS and Android app, but would like to avoid the long lead time and high investment generally required? xamoom’s app generator is the ideal solution to quickly and economically launch your own mobile app:
  • Individual templates for different industries and sectors
  • Apply your individual corporate design
  • Create your own content
  • Make use of integrated context identifiers from the start and create experiences around certain places and objects with QR-Codes, NFC Tags, iBeacons and Eddystones
  • The App will be launched by xamoom, while the content is simultaneously available on the mobile website for users who prefer not to download the app
  • All steps, from app store submission to technical app updates, will be managed by xamoom. There are no maintenance tasks for you.

You can focus on your content and directly adapt it in real time via the xamoom Content Management System.

App templates are available for the following sectors:

Tourism & Hotels




Real Estate

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