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The xamoom platform is continuously broadening its range of features to support your communication efforts with your target audience.

Our engagement features will intensify interactions while driving foot traffic and increasing revenues.

Mobile Couponing

Mobile web solution
Increase foot traffic at your point-of-sale with the xamoom mobile couponing system. Voucher codes are uploaded and can be delivered to users in the form of scannable barcodes in a mobile web browser. Supplement printed promotions with mobile coupons or execute stand-alone mobile couponing campaigns.
This creates several opportunities to gain new customers as well as driving customer retention and loyalty by offering discounts or giveaways. Incentivize users to interact with your brand and offer coupons that people carry with them all the time – on their smartphone.

Mobile Treasure Hunt

Mobile web solution
In addition to offering single coupons, you can orchestrate a mobile treasure hunt based on the couponing feature. Create strong interaction with playful elements and gamification features.
What would that look like?
Place context identifiers like QR-Codes and NFC-Tags at different locations or on products, and activate users to collect different codes with which they can unlock rewards.
This provides an entertaining way to get users to spend time with your brand and products, while learning more about them. Use this opportunity to tell a great story at each point of contact!

Real Time Interaction & Voting

App Solution
With our real-time interaction feature, you can create engagement and activate all app users at one location. All users within the range of an iBeacon can vote in real-time and see the results in an intermediate tally.
We offer several options for you to make use of:
Predetermine possible answers or give users the option to enter their own answers, wishes or ideas directly within their app.
This feature can be integrated into your existing app in order to add another layer of engagement and activate users at events, special occasions or places.

Selfie Feature

App Solution
Put your users at the heart of your activities and create unforgettable moments for them. The xamoom selfie feature, allows you to invite app users to take a selfie directly within their app at selected places that have been equipped with iBeacons.
Users receive notification to take a selfie here and now. Theythen open the app, take a selfie and upload it. You decide where to upload. This could be a video screen or a mobile printer for users to take their branded photo memory with them.

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