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Unique Content Editor

No other Content Management System is more intuitive and flexible. Instead of inserting all forms of content into one box, the xamoom platform offers different content blocks for individual media elements.
  • Simple editing using combinable and adjustable content blocks
  • Support of all major media types and links while avoiding complicated embed codes: text, image, audio, video, downloads, etc.
  • Touch friendly functional link types to call, download, e-mail, navigate, etc…
  • Content works with screen readers and is accessible without any additional cost
Our management system allows you to define user rights to access content. It is possible to set up users with restricted content rights, so that they can only access the necessary parts of the xamoom platform and pages.



Unlike many other CMS that struggle with offering more than one language, the xamoom solution manages that challenge and uses a simple process for displaying multilingual content.
  • Based on smartphone settings, each user is served content in the requested language (based on smartphone settings)
  • If a page is not available in the requested language, the default language is delivered
  • xamoom provides several tools to make multilingual content creation as easy as possible: images, videos and links only have to be entered once; text will be replaced by the additionallanguage(s).


Content within the xamoom platform is compatible with all screen readers.
People with visual impairments can also access the content.
  • Comes at no additional costs
  • Basic function within the xamoom platform
  • Your content is accessible to everyone

One Platform for all Devices

Content delivered using the xamoom platform can be transferred to all devices and optimized for the respective screen. You only have to create the content once and it will then automatically be optimized according to the method of user access via mobile web, app, on desktop or video screens. Content can be adapted in real time and is up-to-date on all screens for all users simultaneously.
  • Save time and money: create content only once
  • Flexibility: you are not bound to one device
  • High reach: reach mobile users via web or app
  • Voice assistant compatible: tell your story via Amazon Alexa and WOW your users

Contextually intelligent content

While other content management systems can only manage pages, xamoom supports context identifers as its systems core and enables management of objects and places connected to iBeacons, QR-Codes and more.
  • Create context and relevancy by connecting content to places and objects
  • Ultimate flexibility: with just a few clicks you can manage changes on all identifiers at once or onlyat a singular location
  • Therefore, high quality labels or smart posters only have to be produced once and content updates can be delivered later on.

Combination of all context identifiers

xamoom delivers content based on the user’s context. This could be at a certain place or for a specific object. The combination of different identifiers is simple and
useful. Create content only once and connect it to multiple technologies like QR, NFC or iBeacons
  • High usability
  • Low costs for NFC, no costs for QR
  • Expedited roll-out
Learn more about Identifiers

Cloud Based Platform

The xamoom platform is a 100% cloud solution which offers several advantages:

  • No software or hardware: you do not need to install software or maintain servers. everything takes place in the cloud
  • No maintenance: we manage the updates for you
  • Speed: all possible caching technologies make our websites faster even during high traffic periods
  • High security
To create content you only need a web browser. xamoom manages the technology while you can focus on content creation.

API Integration

xamoom API interface transfers content from the xamoom platform into websites or other Content Management Systems.
  • Create content only once and not on several systems
  • Integrate in as many different websites and CMS as you want
  • Save time: central content hub for all platforms: App,mobile Web and Web, Screens,…
Learn more about our APIs

xamoom SDK

Based on the iOS and Android SDKs, xamoom offers a great solution to integrate a content and proximity layer quickly and easily into your existing app.


SDK für iOS
SDK for Android

Real World Analytics

Data is not only a buzzword, but a highly relevant source of information for your business. xamoom also loves data, but always respects the user’s privacy and only gathers non-personal identifiable data.
  • Get data that cannot be provided by traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics. Obtain insights on what content and which context identifiers work best.
  • Integrate your own website tracking to generate even deeper insights on usage and conversions
  • Optimize the usage of different types of context identifiers. Find out which devices and what technologies your target audience prefers.

Individual Solutions

Do you already use a CRM database, have a loyalty program in place or want to connect other data to locations and specific places? xamoom offers APIs to connect systems in any direction.


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