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Real Estate

Be proactive and initiate contact with potential home buyers or renters.

House hunting with xamoom

Give clients real estate information where they want it: on their phone. Deliver home details in vivid color directly to their devices while they’re in the home or pass by via the mobile web or app.

Make the first step

Initiate contact with the home buyer instead of requiring the buyer to perform an action first.

Out-of-the-box solution

Push alerts about the details of an open house event, new listings, or on-premise extras.

Attention guaranteed

Increase the chances of conversion by providing a 360° video, or the exposé to download.

Increase conversion

Most buyers use the first agent they contact. Beacons initiate that contact.

Easy to use

We make your life easier

Location identifiers add value for visitors

The new way of getting attention – GPS, iBeacons, NFC tags or QR codes deliver information to your visitors’ smartphones via app or mobile web.

Unfortunately not everyone downloads an app. Along with QR and NFC we are utilising a techno­logy called Eddystone/Physical Web. Android users get an app like experience without an app installed.

They see a message once they swipe down the notification area. Clicking on it opens the right content in the right language for this specific location.

And since every iBeacon is also capable of sending out the Eddystone-URL, it is highly efficient.

Best of all: When the user lands at the mobile web, you can promote the app too.

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