Offer entertaining and relevant content on smartphones and elevate the vacation experience. Increase you revenue per guest by region, city or place of interest.
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Smart Packaging

Max out your upselling potential and decrease support and service costs. Additional content on your customers’ smartphones will drive satisfaction.
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xamoom provides the perfect starting point for innovative and efficient marketing activities. Offers range from an experiential mobile treasure hunt or proximity marketing campaigns through to the extension of traditional out-of-home campaigns. Reach your customers where they really pay attention; on their smartphones.
  • Combine treasure hunt with vouchers and increase foot traffic
  • Context based communication; connect content to object or location
  • Enhance print campaigns and sales material with multimedia content
  • Creative solutions for out-of-home advertising
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Retail & POS

Mobile customer approach at the point of sale: with xamoom you can easily generate a connected shopping experience. Be as mobile as your customers and offer smart solutions that support buying decisions or offer inspirational content.
  • Increase store traffic
  • Open up upselling potential
  • Context based communication: match content at individual stores, for individual products.
  • Provide the opportunity for users to interact with your brand and increase customer loyalty
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Trade Shows and Congresses

Mobile Engagement: xamoom can support your trade show presence and enable you to create a lasting impression. Get on visitors’ smartphones and generate new leads.
  • Create awareness: stick out in the crowd and motivate visitors to stop by your booth
  • Interaction and engagement: quizzes and raffles provide entertainment; transport information and generate leads
  • Optimize waiting times: offer mobile information for visitors’ during their wait or for those do not want to talk to sales representatives.
  • Multilingual content: offer content that matches your visitors’ language
  • Mobile take-away material: offer additional information, contact details and giveaways that facilitate follow-up communication with your visitors
  • Mobile guidance system: support visitors in finding the information they are looking for


Mobile Entertainment: turn your next event into a mobile highlight. Guests already use their smartphones at events to access additional information, and take and share pictures. Leverage this by providing the right content and interactive features to create deeper engagement on the phone.
  • Build anticipation by offering a mobile content teaser and exclusive insights
  • Offer content based on your guests immediate location – get the right content in the right room or location
  • Offer 100% up-to-date content: you can adapt content in real time, quickly react to any changes and communicate instantaneously to your guests.
  • Interactive features create added value and wow experiences for your guests (LINK to Engagement Features)
  • Partners and Sponsors access an additional touchpoints and have additional space to present themselves
  • Quickly generate leads via low-key contests
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Deliver information with a fun factor: xamoom can accompany your visitors throughout the entire exhibition by providing entertaining multimedia content via the mobile web or app
  • Reach a younger target audience with interesting content
  • Offer multilingual content for international visitors
  • Straightforward content adaption and updates
  • Cross-selling: generate more revenue by connecting your exhibition, shop, cafe and partners
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Art and Culture

Currently, up-to-date art and cultural mediation can no longer succeed without mobile touchpoints. Together with xamoom you can communicate and adapt cultural content depending on the user’s location. Make use of the smartphone to reach out to visitors, also outside of cultural institutions, and create a mobile experience.
  • Organize cultural treasure hunts in urban areas
  • Promote your exhibitions and events in an innovative way to increase visitors
  • Enlarge your target audience and get younger people on board
  • Delight and win over sponsors with new ideas and ways of presenting them at another strong touchpoint – the smartphone.
BTW: xamoom origins are rooted in the cultural net project (Project Ingeborg Bachmann) that started in July 2012. So far, more than 300 yellow stickers with NFC, QR and geofencing have been implemented to present the work of local artists in Carinthia on a weekly basis.
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Mobile service: the maintenance of your products becomes “smart” with xamoom. You can optimize processes and reduce errors – resulting in lower costs – with the right setup and connection of products, machines or locations with mobile content. Unique identification of tools: materials or matching support documentation will prevent mistakes and significantly reduce reaction time to errors.
  • Unique identification of tools and materials – prevents mix-ups
  • 100% matching manual per object
  • React at a higher rate to errors
  • Reduces maintenance as well as repair costs

Trusted by

“Das System ist toll, es macht richtig Spass, mit xamoom zu arbeiten. Die Oberfläche ist sehr übersichtlich gestaltet und sieht am Handy richtig gut aus.“

Stefanie Zofall, Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH

„Als Drehbuchautoren für Erlebnisinszenierung in Tourismusregionen finden wir das neue Tool von xamoom erste Klasse!“

Martin Schobert, Tourismusdesign

„Je mehr am Etikette steht, desto verwirrter ist der Kunde. Mit xamoom haben wir Platz, um Geschichte zu erzählen – am Smartphone der Konsumenten.“

Max Borchardt, Bauer Borchardt

„Datenübertragung ist schneller als physischer Transport. Mit xamoom bekommen unsere Kunden spezifische Service-Unterlagen und Teilespezifikationen zu ihren eingesetzten Möbeln in Echtzeit. So kann Service und Wartung in kürzester Zeit erfolgen, egal wo auf dem Globus.“

Miha Kampus, Saravini Maßkühlmöbel GmbH

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