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Super Smart Packaging and Smart Products

xamoom offers an all-in-one solution for smart packaging and after sales service via the smartphone.

Make products and packing smarter: add Smart Labels in the form of QR-Codes and NFC Tags and expand upon printed information. Transfer content of any kind.

For example, the set-up of a tutorial video, a manual in the appropriate language, or matching products to enforce your upselling activities.

At the point-of-sale, smart packaging can make the difference when closing the sale: offer additional content that supports the buying decision at the most important moment.

After sales service can further add value: decrease service costs by adding FAQs and the corresponding manuals for individual products.

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with playful elements and coupons for upgrades, follow-up components or recommendation to friends. xamoom offers a straightforward way to reach customers in different markets in their own language.

In Practice: Smart Packaging

Maximize your upselling potential and reduce support and service costs. Easy access to product information increases the likelihood of purchase and facilitates quicker familiarization with the product, while inspiring customers to access further content and learn about related products.

Thanks to the smartphone, all information is easily accessible and available at any time. From the xamoom platform, you can adapt content quickly and in real time to keep your customers up-to-date all the time.

  • Product material, manuals, videos (language customized)
  • Implement direct link for ordering accessories or expediting repeat orders
  • Optimize customer service

  • Contests and coupons

  • Initiate a collector series

  • Promote an entire product range and increase sales

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