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Super Smart Packaging and Smart Products

xamoom offers an all-in-one solution for smart packaging and after sales service via the smartphone.

Make products and packing smarter: add smart labels with QR codes and NFC tags and show content that turn your customers into successful customers.

  • Equipped with QR code and/or NFC tag
    1 QR/NFC means up to 33 different languages

    • Automatic recognition of the language settings of the end user’s device
    • Delivery of the content in the best fitting language
    • In case the requested language is not available, the standard language (e.g. English) is shipped.
  • Different context (e.g. time of the day) needs different content
  • Printing is free
  • Digitization saves print and logistics costs of manuals

Reinventing the manual

If you overhaul your manuals, do reinvent them completely!

  • multimedia
  • automatically multi-lingual
  • accessible for people who are visually imparied
  • (partially) renunciation of printing …
    • saves money for printing,
    • saves mone for logistics and
    • helps the nature.
    • Digital content can be updated anytime from anywhere.
    • The digital copy is still present even if the paper has been thrown away for a while.
    • Realize upselling potential and not yet exploited sources of revenue.
mockup manual

Accompany your customers through the whole product life cycle

mockup smart product

From the store to recycling and buying the next product.

  • Customer Success: Who knows and uses the most features, will be satisfied with the product.
  • Extended stats from BigQuery
  • Authentication and Tracking: New possibilities with an app and your own mobile portal
    • market research
    • development
    • utilizing upselling potential
    • real world retargeting via Google Tag Manager

Fight product counterfeiting

Verify the genuineness of a product

Testing the integrity of e.g. screw caps with a novelty NFC tag by NXP: Tag Tamper.

Further content opportunities If closed: product advertising. If already open: recipies.

Bottle of wine with NXP's tag tamper

Create attention at the point of sale

Create attention at the point of sale

Send notifications just in the right moment to smartphones – without the need for an app.

The technology for doing so comes from Google and is called “Physical Web”. Beacons send URLs via Bluetooth that can be used by Android phones.

At home the marketing content that is shown at the point of sale magically turns into useful content that helps the consumer: the manual, tutorials or support pages.

Real world retargeting

xamoom & Google‘s Tag Manager create bridges between devices and websites.

Using these two products you can retarget your visitors at many other platforms, apps or websites.

In addition to xamoom’s powerful statistics you can use any analytics product you wish.

real world retargeting by xamoom

The smartphone is a perfect response medium

responses made possible on the phone

Paper does not bring results. Smartphones do. Paper is not accessible for visually impaired people and it lacks the capability to create responses.

With just a few clicks you setup one-click-calling or links to subscription or support forms that offer great usability on the phone.

In Practice: Smart Packaging

Maximize your upselling potential and reduce support and service costs. Easy access to product information increases the likelihood of purchase and facilitates quicker familiarization with the product, while inspiring customers to access further content and learn about related products.

Thanks to the smartphone, all information is easily accessible and available at any time. From the xamoom platform, you can adapt content quickly and in real time to keep your customers up-to-date all the time.

  • Product material, manuals, videos (language customized)
  • Implement direct link for ordering accessories or expediting repeat orders
  • Optimize customer service

  • Contests and coupons

  • Initiate a collector series

  • Promote an entire product range and increase sales

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