Turn vacations into a mobile experience

xamoom brings your information transfer to the next level – on the smartphone and contextually relevant. Content hosted on the xamoom platform is accessed through QR-Codes, NFC-Tags, GPS geofencing, iBeacons or Eddystones .
Then, via the mobile web or within an app, users are equipped with relevant and entertaining content, thus creating an entirely new experience around the vacation. Make your region unique and create an emotional connection with your guests.
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In Practice: Tourism

How to increase revenue per guest

Guests develop a stronger connection to the region they are visiting and tend to stay longer the more they know about the region. They are also more likely to recomm
end their experience and come back again.
The smartphone is a great device to tell stories and impart experiences. With the xamoom platform, you can instantly update content in real time.
  • Present the nearest points-of-interest
  • Integrate partners and local establishments, points-of-interest, hotels, restaurants or exhibitions
  • Offer mobile coupons

  • Create interaction with basic contests

  • Point to current events in the region

  • Multilingual guides to reach guests of different nationalities
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