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We’ve gathered our best projects for you as success stories and showcases. Get inspired and learn about the variety of xamoom’s possible applications.

City of Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt has many seasonal events, which have to be depicted in their new app: major sports events such as the Ironman or cultural festivals such as the Bachmann literature prize should be as prominent in the app as the christmas markets. To provide tourists as well as locals with the right information at the right place the City placed beacons at 70 different locations. The content is available in 3 different languages and delivered based on the smartphone settings of each single user. 

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Cineplexx Austria

For the release of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy2” a completely digital promotion is launched with a great price to win: a flight to the premiere in Los Angeles. Time of only two weeks from the first idea to the end of the promotion. 2,000 Participants joined the promotion and there was an equal distribution of QR and NFC. This underlines how important it is to use both technologies.

Read more about this project in our Success Story.

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Cineplexx CEE

In eight different markets people were waiting for the third part of the Smurfs movie. The biggest challenge was the quick set up of the multiple mobile pages and the multilingualism. Everyone wanted to collect all the codes and thanks to a security system there was no fraud possible. The fans had to be near the cinema to gather all different codes and earn prices.

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Murauer Brewery

In April 2017 the “Brewery of the Senses”, an entertainment world around the art of brewing beer, opened its doors to the public. Physical objects ans spaces in the exhibition are linked to digital content. The implementation was possible within a few days ans with comparatively little effort.

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ORF program presentation

Each year in September Austria’s biggest B2B event of the advertising industry takes place at the ORF studios: the program presentation of the National Broadcasting Corporation, ORF. A dedicated app for iOS ans Android was developed. At the event itself, iBeacons were placed at six distinct locations and the right content at the right time and place accompanied guests throughout the event.

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Project Ingeborg

The initiators wanted to start a project using NFC labels. At the start, we deployed 70 smart labels in public spaces of the city of Klagenfurt. Results? Presentation of new authors ans musicians in regular intervals as well as a high usage for a cultural project in the public space.

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The mobile phone is always with you on vacation – the laptop is not. Therefore, the mobile internet has far more importance than the stationary internet – at least while you are on holiday. Marie, a fictitious character from the region, was created to tell people what to see and visit. Right from the beginning, the project has received a lot of attention as well as good usage numbers. Today, also an app is available.

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