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xamoom mobile platform

xamoom's mobile first content management system

Your mobile success needs

  • With all possible techniques (QR, NFC, iBeacon, GPS, barcodes, etc.) your pages are just a scan away
  • Always serve content that considers the user’s situation: Where am I? Where is the next sight? Offers nearby? Get to know and surprise your most loyal visitors.
  • App and mobile web
  • Plugins reuse your mobile content on websites or voice assistants
The CMS works not just on the desktop, but also on the phone.
Location CMS
mockup xamoom's mobile smart app
smart apps
always works with the mobile web and/or apps
Mobile Web
xamoom's powerful developer tools

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Jaime Sanchez, S4 Growth Partners

It is the simplicity that inspired us from the very first moment.
xamoom is in a league of its own.

Jaime R. Sanchez, Managing Partner, S4 Growth Partners, New York
Helmut Micheler, Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Our app is from xamoom and it is WOW!

Helmut Micheler, CEO Klagenfurt Tourism
Roland Sint, Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH

It’s fun to work with xamoom. The guys are also extremely innovative.

Roland Sint, CEO Lake Wörth Tourism

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