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Smart cities with xamoom.
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Smart city marketing

Das Smartphone ist im Stadtmarketing ein unverzichtbares Tool. Genau auf den Nutzer abgestimmtes Marketing am richtigen Ort zur richtigen Zeit ermöglicht starke Stadterlebnisse und führt zu einer Frequenzsteigerung.

New possibilities on the smartphone

Provide relevant and entertaining content on the phone. Surprise visitors and residents of your city.

Generate clear added value:

  • Branding: Create great experiences that add to your brand
  • Service: Show events, guide to nearby restaurants, and provide helpful recommendations
  • Bonus programs: Reward particularly dedicated customers with coupons and special offers
smart city marketing with mobile web and app

Provide residents and visitors a smarter way to experience the city.
Create more touchpoints, marketing opportunities and personalized services via mobile web or app.

Smart city with xamoom

One city, one team

integration of retail in city marketing

Use the commitment of individual merchants or event organizers. They can maintain their own pages and respond with the proper content even faster than you.

Give them powerful yet easy-to-use tools. Because these tools are of high value, it would also be a source of refinancing the whole project.

Restricted users may only edit those places and pages for which they have been explicitly authorized.

The xamoom platform

CMS for apps and mobile web - location based services

xamoom delivers a complete solution for your needs to communicate effectively on the guest’s smartphone:

  • A context-aware CMS
  • Mobile web and mobile apps
  • APIs and SDKs for third-party developers

You do not need to waste time and money to rent, maintain and update servers. We continuously improve our software and ship new features.

Our pricing favors even small destinations, starting at 199 Euro per month with no setup fee.

Dynamic content – made really easy

Marketing should be easy and effective. xamoom delivers.

Out of home & at home

QR, NFC and iBeacons in city marketing
QR, NFC und iBeacons im Stadtmarketing

With xamoom, QR codes, NFC tags, and iBeacons become dynamic.
You can do very cheap (with postcards) or very noticeable (with big billboards) marketing that is constantly up-to-date.

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