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Visitor guidance and interaction on the smartphone

Measurable results and actionable insights

The old fair catalog has served its purpose a long while ago. Organizers of trade fairs and conferences must offer
smart information, high-quality and versatile apps as well as really fast mobile web.

Trade fairs and conferences

Offer all relevant information on the smartphone.

Surprise your audience and help visitors to make the most of their stay at the conference.

Increase the value of trade fairs, conferences and congresses:

  • Spice up your multilingual content with multimedia.
  • Increase attention for a sustainable conference experience.
  • Track user behavior to improve your next event based on changing preferences.
  • Retarget your happy past visitors for your future events.
  • Use interaction to ask for opinions and create live-votings or the possibility to ask questions among your visitors.
  • Reward your most loyal and returning visitors.

Make it easy for your guests

Digital convention and trade fair marketing

A successful visit at a trade fair is the best advertisement for your next trade fairs.
Smart visitor management and on-site information optimization are essential for effective and efficient visits.

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