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Mobile first means
no responsive compromises

Why users love it

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xamoom is a proven solution. That means that it is available today for a calculable cost. You do not have to carry any development risk and worry about missed deadlines.


You should do more important stuff than running and updating software on servers. xamoom’s engineers develop, run and maintain your complete mobile solution.

Future proof

We are continuously developing every part of our platform. In case you realize that there is a new feature or something is a bit faster than it used to be, we might have updated something.


We have not yet hung up on any of our customers and take care of problems for as long as it takes. This is also true before a sale where we offer consulting for free.

Free hosting

There are not additional charges for hosting it under your domain. You simply tell your ISP to change a few DNS records and we’ll take care of the rest.


The network traffic from the complete site is encrypted and we take great effort to secure the whole platform with state of the art technology and methods.

App banner

You have also an app? Great. The mobile web is the perfect entry point and it does inform your users about the availability of an app that is only one tap away from being installed.


You can advertise your mobile information system using QR codes, NFC tags and the menu offers a “nearby”-Link that triggers a GPS-query of what’s close to discover.

What’s standing out

hosting mobil web under own domain
efficient cms for mobile web - a timesaver
great user experience for mobile first
mobile web for museums and culture including QR, NFC, audio and videoguide

A mobile portal

The mobile web is hosted under your own domain. It shows a lot of information but can also be tailored to your current priorities.

Time savers

We built in lots of shortcuts with lists, maps, links and includes. Prior to xamoom the founders had 20+ years of working in media and we know that efficiency is key to a CMS.

True mobile first

We know what makes mobile great. Lots of features are tweaked for great usability on the phone – from clever email integration to finger-friendly links.


Thanks to CSS and our intuitive code-editor, web designers can change the look and feel of the mobile web to match your corporate design.

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