Creating an even better visitor experience with the smartphone.

Use the oppurtunities of smart event marketing

Not communicating is not just a missed opportunity. It is a thousand of not taken possibilites.

Events with the smart app by xamoom

Event info: Pages may also include time and place. If the user clicks on the time, he saves the event in the calendar. If he taps the venue, he navigates easily there.

List of events. Future events can be easily summarized with keywords in lists. This gives the potential guest a quick overview.

Forms depict votes, quizzes and other interactions. They are integrated into pages in 1-2-3. The user then quickly returns to the app.

Maps benefit from the GPS service in the smartphone and give – especially in large-scale festivals – a quick overview and help navigate.

This works in apps as well as in mobile web – multimedia, multilingual and barrier-free.
And because events usually take place in the evening, there is also a dark mode.

Mobile-first to success

The smartphone offers a wealth of functions. Who thinks “Mobile First”, addresses exactly these functions. It takes far more than just a website that is responsive – looking OK on the smartphone is not enough.

  • Calendar: Is it enough for you if the potential guest on Facebook says “interested” or should he be able to save the event in his mobile phone calendar with a single click.
  • Contact should also be possible with a tap. Call with a click or even better: save all contact information including image with a finger-tap.
  • GPS: The mobile phone can navigate the user to the venue.
  • Real-World-Analytics: With complete respect for the anonymity of users, their locations can also be saved. This creates a map of the places that are of interest.
  • Getting better: The smartphone also allows easy retrieval of feedback. So you can learn and make the next event even better.

You see: It pays off to think of the mobile phone first and to make the most of its enormous range of functions.

xamoom helps you with experience from many projects for mobile success.

Reach guests and visitors effectively

Never send information that is not relevant: always the right message for the right guests.

Best regards: Content to take away

Properly done, you will be called in remembrance weeks after an event.

Perfect events, lasting experiences

Make your event unforgettable – do not leave it to chance.

  • Creating anticipation: Mobile content teasers offer exclusive insights even before the even
  • Perfectly timed: Right content in the right place at the right time
  • 100% up to date: Adapt content flexibly, quick reaction to changes, spontaneous live voting or competitions
  • Access for everyone: partners and sponsors access additional touchpoints and get space to present themselves

Events do not become an experience on their own. Good event management controls experiences and knows about the power of emotion. Apps and the mobile web are valuable tools for this and do not leave emotional marketing to chance.