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“We offer the technology to connect the physical and digital world. Proximity marketing at its best.”

Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt, CEO

xamoom has its origins in the Carinthian cultural net project pingeb.org (Project Ingeborg Bachmann). After winning the Bank Austria Art prize, Bruno Hautzenberger and Georg Holzer founded xamoom to spread the idea across the globe. In addition to the two founders and the new CEO Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt and investor Ventocom GmbH have shares in the company.

The founding vision has never really changed:

We want to connect physical and digital world and make our technology available for everyone: from the smallest football club to the biggest multinational corporations. We want to offer a technology to create great mobile experiences.

The xamoom platform is open for Developers and has been created with the highest flexibility in order to offer room for further applications and ideas that can be supported on its foundation.

Our Values

The Game Changing Team

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Award Winning Work

  • Nominee World Summit Awards 2016
  • Born Global Champion 2016
  • Creos 2016
  • TD|IKT-Preis Kärnten 2015
  • Trend Top 100 Start-ups
  • Innovations- & Forschungspreis Kärnten 2015
  • Futurezone Start-up 2014
  • Creos 2014
  • Bank Austria Kunstpreis 2013

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