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Our vision & mission

  1. We provide tools to small and medium sized customers that help them get on their users’s phone and create aha moments (always the right content in the right moment).
  2. To do so, we develop, maintain and host a content management system with supporting tools. To secure our technological leadership we constantly enrich the core product (cms, web clients, smart apps, sdks, backend and our service app) with easy to use and cutting edge features that either our customers demand or we think as appropriate to bring our customers to success.
  3. xamoom has its origins in a cultural net project (pingeb.org, Project Ingeborg Bachmann). After winning the Bank Austria Art prize, Bruno Hautzenberger and Georg Holzer founded xamoom to create more projects like this – with ease.
    In the meantime it evolved into many different industries – from tourism to museums and mobile marketing.
  4. We are drastically lowering the entry barrier into the mobile world for our customers by offering a toolset that will continuously become easier to use and is more economically viable than products by our competitors.
  5. This opens up an entirely new market: companies that up until now could not afford or were unable to setup mobile information systems.
  6. Our success lies solely in the hands of our customers. Only good and efficiently rolled-out systems with substantial user numbers have enough visibility to attract new customers for us. If our customers are successful, our success will follow. So, we do everything to bring customers to fast and sustainable success.

Our Values

Award Winning Work

  • Nominee World Summit Awards 2016
  • Born Global Champion 2016
  • Creos 2016
  • TD|IKT-Preis Kärnten 2015
  • Trend Top 100 Start-ups
  • Innovations- & Forschungspreis Kärnten 2015
  • Futurezone Start-up 2014
  • Creos 2014
  • Bank Austria Kunstpreis 2013

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