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Because discovery of
new artists should
be really easy.

Measurable results for your project

Cultural projects that seize the opportunity to use modern technology are twice as likely to get public fundings.
There is no better way to help with artist’s discovery than on their smartphone.

Surprise and enable discoveries

Deliver relevant and entertaining content on the phone. Surprise your audience and help users to discover new artists from your region or city.

Of course, there is Google where one could search for new talent. But what are they called?

We have proven with Project Ingeborg that an art project that utilizes modern technology can attract many users and eyeballs … around the globe.

App for arts and cultural education - perfect for festivals and events

Really easy to use

Great projects

The xamoom platform

xamoom delivers a complete solution for your needs to communicate effectively on the user’s smartphone:

  • easy to use
  • no setup, no updates – we take care of all the tech
  • accessible so that you can serve everybody

Our pricing favors even small projects, starting at 199 Euro per month with no setup fee. We do offer rebates to cultural project from non-profit entities.

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CMS for apps and mobile web - location based services

Unrivaled mobile marketing possibilities

Cultural projects need to do marketing as well. It should be very easy and effective. xamoom delivers.

Mobile experience

mobile web for museums and culture including QR, NFC, audio and videoguide

Mobile web

Fast and versatile – our mobile-optimized pages go far beyond what responsive web techniques can do. The design can be fully adapted to match your corporate design.

Users typically see the mobile web first (using QR, NFC) and get an ad for installing your app.

Use Google Tag Manager to integrate your favorite analytics suite or remarketing tools.

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smart app for culture and museums including QR, NFC, iBeacons and calender of events

smart app

xamoom’s smart app is instantly ready to serve your spectators:

  • The start grid changes in real time to meet priorities of seasons and events.
  • iBeacon notifications in the proximity of a POI
  • QR/NFC scanner
  • Push notifications (all, users within a region and outside)
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