When real originals digitally guide through the city.

An entertaining digital city tour

With the project "Blaubeuren erzählt" ('Blaubeuren tells'), the city of Blaubeuren, in cooperation with the agency St. Elmo's Tourism, has developed a low-threshold digital city tour that allows you to explore the place and the attractions in an entertaining way.

The WebApp and the CMS for managing the content were contributed by xamoom. The storytelling takes place via specific locations (seating cubes), which are played via the xamoom CMS using QR codes.

"Blaubeuren erzählt"

At 15 stations, all marked by a seating cube with a logo and QR code, women and men from Blaubeuren tell short audio contributions from their lives. The "Schöne Lau" and cave explorer Andi Kücha even present themselves in a short video. Among others, a weaver, a tanner and a miller, the Blaumännle, Matthäus Alber, Oberamtsrichter Dodel and of course a monk have their say. Olympic champion Dieter Baumann and Blaubeuren artist Dieter Gassebner provide contemporary insights into their view of Blaubeuren. The audios are supplemented by pictures and further information texts, all of which can be easily experienced on site with a smartphone or tablet.

Intention of the project

"A digital offer was overdue and this product is not only interesting for outsiders - locals can also discover something new here!" says project manager Stefanie Dispan.

Depending on how much time you allow yourself, you can complete the approximately 2000 meters of the tour in a good hour. Interrupting the tour or walking it in stages is also no problem, as you can rejoin the tour directly at each station using QR codes. "We have also included the city park in the tour - this creates a counterpoint to the town where you can also relax. "We hope to relieve some heavily frequented routes a bit," adds Bernhard Rieger, head of tourism at the city administration. If you want to try out the city tour, it is best to start in the heart of the city, on the church square directly in front of the tourist information with a listening sample of the "Archaeologist" and the "Steinzeit Freak" ("Stone Age freak").

Digital city tour out-of-the-box

The project "Blaubeuren tells" shows how quickly and easily a digital city tour can be implemented with the xamoom CMS. The high flexibility in structure and design without a design corset and the manageable costs are a big plus compared to other WebApp providers.

Such a city tour can be implemented from € 299,-/month.

Ready to revolutionize your city tour experience with xamoom? For more information and possible applications, please contact: mail@xamoom.com and let's get started!