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How many customers (tenants as well as buyers) have a laptop at hand during their purchase decision?
If you don’t jump at the mobile bandwagon, your competition will.

The power of “nearby”

You do not build real estate “anywhere”. Respond to the “I want to live here” by many people.

  • Advertise rental and property objects “nearby”
  • Navigation instructions on the phone to these and all other objects
  • Avoid being listed just a click away from your competition
  • Be ready for the impulse
  • Lead generation in the real world
  • Smart subscriptions and alarms
  • Use every available location identifiers to reach all potential users in the mobile web and/or apps: QR codes, NFC tags, Bluetooth LE, GPS geofencing

Phone users only use relevant content offerings. Be highly relevant with location-based marketing!

real estate marketing with gps

Mobile-first to success

Real estate management on the smart phone

A “responsive website”, which also works a bit on the phone, delivers an OK experience. However, it does not use any specific features of the phone.

  • Use digital business cards
  • Allow being contacted (call or email) with just one click
  • Smart email links save users from the tedious data entry into forms
  • Integration of live chat services like, to not let any contact unanswered
  • Leave your data on the customer’s phone: contact info, events, ebooks, etc.

Only if you think mobile-first, you are one call ahead of your competition. With xamoom, you are making it easy for your future clients to contact you.

A new form of living

New business models emerge, new revenue streams need to be opened up. The smartphone helps:

  • Assisted living: the mobile concierge is always present.
  • The apartment’s manual (blueprint, electric plans, dates for garbage collection, relevant contact information, etc.) do not have to be printed anymore. They are always up to date and retrievable from everywhere.

Consumers are mobile, smartphone are constant companions. The PC, chunky websites or unwieldy PDF documents are not.

Woman reading her apartment's manual on the smartphone

Really easy to use

Smart real estate marketing

Real estate vendors have to do marketing as well. But it should be easy and effective. xamoom delivers.

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