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Flexible pricing models for every business

Monthly costs – depending on traffic and locations



349 €

200 Locations
400 Pages
500 MB Upload
50 K Views
QR, NFC, GPS, Beacon Support
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799 €

500 Locations
1000 Pages
unlimited Upload
150 K Views
QR, NFC, GPS, Beacon Support
Business Support
Mobile Web PLUS included
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Special offer depending on your business
We already have clients in this sector
Individual pricing based on your needs
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Campaining & Events

Add value
Drive engagement
Individual pricing based campaign or event
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All prices are exkl. USt. and available at a 12-month-contract, afterwards you can cancel quarterly.  The terms of use from xamoom GmbH are valid.

If the usage limits are exceeded, there are packages of 100,000 additional calls for 299 Euro (0.0029 Euro or 0.29 Cents per call).

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