When everything is networked, the possibilities are endless.

Measurable results …

Most likely your customers do not have a laptop at hand when they shop or use/consume your products.
Their smartphone is always present.

… and compliant with major standards

xamoom is compliant with GS1’s Digital Link standard – the technology that will soon replace EAN/UPC barcodes on products.
With this standard and xamoom’s open implementation, as a manufacturer, you are safe and can start implementing it today.

Digital marketing at point of sale

At the point of sale your message makes a difference. Deliver excellent and relevant content that helps and gives excellent advice.

Of course, there is Google too. But do you control what the search engine shows your potential customers? No.

With xamoom, you take the context of your customer (place, time, situation, etc.) into consideration to always serve the right content in the right language.

Marketing at the point of sale with QR Code and NFC

Make it easy for your customers

Unrivaled mobile marketing possibilities

All that and more works out of the box. If you got a particular need for content delivery, we are sure that we can help you out.

The xamoom platform

xamoom delivers a complete solution for your needs to communicate effectively on your customer’s smartphone.

  • Easy to use and maintenance-free
  • Adaptable to your design
  • Aware of the user’s situation

You do not need to waste time and money to rent, maintain and update servers. We continuously improve our software and ship new features.

Our pricing favors even small manufacturers, starting at 199 Euro per month with no setup fee.

CMS for apps and mobile web - location based services

Support for machine-readable codes

Marketing with barcodes - EAN on packagings

You do want to inform your users better on their smartphone but …

… you do not have extra space on your package for a QR-Code?
… your products are already shipped to your customers?

No problem. We can bind any content to any machine readable code. To do so, your consumers scan the EAN/UPC (or any other machine-readable code with your app.

Using this technique you could also provide extra content for service technicians that they encrypt using “the right” application. This additional maintenance content is hidden from the consumer.

Mobile experience within packages

mobile web

Mobile web

A fast and versatile mobile web. Our mobile-optimized pages go far beyond what responsive web techniques can do. The design can be fully adapted to match your corporate design.

Users typically see the mobile web first (using QR, NFC) and get an ad for installing your app.

Use Google Tag Manager to integrate your favorite analytics suite or remarketing tools.

Location based services APP mit QR and NFC

smart app

xamoom’s smart app is instantly ready to serve your guests:

  • The start grid changes in real time to meet priorities of seasons and events.
  • iBeacon notifications in the proximity of a POI
  • QR/NFC scanner
  • Push notifications (all, guests within a region and users outside a region)
  • Easy third-party integrations

Get started today

Try for your own what xamoom can do to unleash new possibilities to market your product.

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