by Georg Holzer, CEO and co-founder of xamoom

When Bruno Hautzenberger and I founded xamoom in 2014, we did so in the naive belief that we would change the world of arts & culture globally and get rich quickly. On the one hand, we were in the media around the world with our hobby art project called Projekt Ingeborg shortly before that, and on the other hand: Everything is culture and culture is cool. Right? Well, it turns out differently than you might think. xamoom is now facing the greatest changes in its history. But first things first …

Sometimes the “overnight success” lasts a full seven years. After seven tough years, xamoom is making profits for the first time in 2021. We have invested a lot in our platform. We tried a lot, failed with some things, learned from them and did a lot differently. We bleed hard, had little to no money for most of the time and only survived under hardship. The real miracle is that we are still alive.

The right course has been set

We have a product and customers who love it. We only lost one customer in the 2020 corona year (although they were more of a donor than a customer) and were able to win some new ones in 2021. We have changed the business model: away from customer-specific apps and towards a product that we are continuously improving and whose use is very broad – from tourism to museums to communities and product marketing (smart packaging).

In addition, there were a number of drastic savings measures and a painful farewell in 2020: Bruno Hautzenberger, xamoom’s co-founder, received a mega offer from Anexia that he could not refuse. However, he is still more than friendly connected to us.

Everyone is replaceable and so development is now completely outsourced. On Apple’s iPhones it says: “Desgined in Californa. Asselmbled in China”. At xamoom that means: “Designed in Austria. Developed in Slovakia and the Ukraine”. Pavol Daño – our first (and world’s best) web developer – is working on our web products in Slovakia. In the Ukraine, we employ a few developers for backend and mobile apps. The quality is high, the processes are efficient, there is trust and flexibility always helps.

Searching a new CEO

However, the success could be significantly greater. The potential of xamoom is far from being exhausted and we are just scratching at the possibilities. We live in a mobile-first age. Mobile media usage is over 80 percent today – four out of five media minutes happen on mobile phones and the majority of them are in apps. So if you don’t invest in mobile, you won’t be around anymore.

So xamoom could be a lot further. The reason for this lies in my illness. Cancer made me tired and I haven’t been the bundle of energy of former days. In addition, I lack a lot of know-how to allow xamoom to succeed in the (world) market. I was the right CEO when it came to bringing xamoom through the valley of tears. Now it’s time to hand over the relay.

We are looking for a new CEO. If this someone (m/f/d) has the appropriate know-how in sales & marketing and has sufficient energy and motivation, xamoom could really fly high. We have a scalable platform that can react flexibly to needs in a rapidly growing market. What we are missing (and has always been missing) is a strong sales side.

You will find all details about the job at

I will not leave xamoom. Infact, I will support the new management as much as I can – in the areas in which I am actually good: the further development of the platform and maintaining relationships with our customers (support, training, feedback for the product, etc.).

In the previous year, xamoom set the course and made savings that give the new CEO as much leeway as possible. He or she can also come from an investor because we are not only looking for a new boss (with new ideas) but also for investment.

Searching for an investment

We offer the opportunity for an investment of 250,000 Euro. This growth financing is intended to finance the new CEO in the first year (yes, we have chronically tight budgets) and to give the new management the financial leeway for growth. The risk is manageable because the product exists and has customers. Mobile-first solutions will grow enormously in the next few years because most potential customers have not even started to seriously consider them.

Are you seriously interested in an investment? Then I’ll be happy to send you the pitch deck and make an appointment for an initial (online) conversation. Please leave your details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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AMA – Ask me anything!

What? How? Wow? Of course, there are now 1,000 or more questions among customers and friends of xamoom. You can ask me all your questions personally. If you missed the AMA on September, 7th, you can always contact us directly:

Photos: Ralf Punkenhofer/Adobe Stock, Martin Steinthaler