xamoom museum guide

Digital education and intensive experiences.

Measurable results for your museum

Museums that seize the opportunity to convey art and educate visitors with multimedia, deepen the experience in the museum.
They also increase visitor satisfaction and recommendation rate.

All-in-one museum guide

xamoom is museumguide on smartphone as an alternative to existing audio and video guides.

  • no expensive hardware – visitors bring them along
  • flexible and simple to serve
  • no hidden cost – one solution for all guides

xamoom also considers the context of visitors (What time? What age? What situation?). We are determined to serve always the right content in the right language for the right object.

all-in-one museumsguide, audio, video, content

Visiting a museum as special experience

One museum CMS for education and marketing

QR, NFC technology in the museum including audio guide, video guide, quizzes and digital information

With xamoom content is managed centrally and serves various platforms:

  • Mobile web and apps for iOS and Android
  • Desktop web via plugins for WordPress & Co.

You can also deploy a page in many different ways. Would you like to promote an exhibition on your website with a page, but offer the audio guide exclusively to museum visitors? That is possible.

Finally, you use the same software for the information system in the museum as the marketing platform for advertising exhibitions.

One solution for many applications within a museum

xamoom is open to a variety of use cases in your museum. We are curious about what you intend to do. Here are some examples:

  • Offer a (multilingual) audio guide to guide visitors through the museum.

  • Increase visitor interaction using puzzles and quizzes.

  • Multimedia information on museum exhibits.

  • Connect the content of your museum guide with your website.

  • Give visitors the opportunity to take the museum experience home.

The xamoom platform

xamoom delivers a complete solution for your needs to communicate effectively on the guest’s smartphone:

  • A context-aware CMS
  • Mobile web and mobile apps
  • APIs and SDKs for third-party developers

You do not need to waste time and money to rent, maintain and update servers. We continuously improve our software and ship new features.

Our pricing favors even small museums, starting at 199 Euro per month with no setup fee.

CMS for apps and mobile web - location based services

Selection of our references

Mobile museum experience

efficient cms for mobile web - a timesaver

Mobile Web

A fast and versatile mobile web. Our mobile-optimized pages go far beyond what responsive web techniques can do. The design can be fully adapted to match your corporate design.

Users typically see the mobile web first (using QR, NFC) and get an ad for installing your app.

Use Google Tag Manager to integrate your favorite analytics suite or remarketing tools.

Home Screen is easy to adapt - in realtime

smart app

xamoom’s smart app is instantly ready to serve your guests:

  • The start grid changes in real time to meet priorities of seasons and events.
  • iBeacon notifications in the proximity of a POI
  • QR/NFC scanner
  • Push notifications (all, guests within a region and users outside a region)
  • Easy third-party integrations

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