Geopark Karawanken

Geopark Karawanken, as part of the Interreg project NatureGame, aims to introduce visitors to the geodiversity of the Petzen adventure area in a fun and engaging way.

To achieve this goal, the project features a range of interactive digital tools, including the tourGUIDE along the Karawanken Trail, the experienceGUIDE for the nature game, and the geo.domGUIDE. These tools provide visitors with captivating, animated content that brings the geological and natural wonders of the region to life.

All multimedia content, games, and up-to-date information are expertly managed through the intuitive xamoom CMS, which offers both a mobile web platform and an app for visitors. The technical capabilities of xamoom were fully utilized by the talented team at thespell, the agency behind the project, to deliver a creative and innovative solution.

Costumer: Geopark Karawanken
Agency: the spell GmbH