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From the first line of code onwards, it is always important for us to develop a CMS with the utmost flexibility based on latest technology. Therefore we offer APIs and reference implementations to enable other developers to create new functionalities or enhance existing solutions based on our service.
xamoom at GitHub

Integration API

This API is used to integrate content from the xamoom CMS into other CMS or websites without a Content Management System.
Integration API at GitHub

Consumer API

The consumer API is xamoom’s core API for all end user applications. This API utilizes context and location identifiers, markers, spots and content to allow developers to build their custom apps or mobile web applications. The consumer API is also the basis for the mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.
Consumer API at GitHub

CMS Plugins

This is our reference implementation for the integration API. It allows using content from the xamoom system as content without location- or object-context on a website. The content is fully retained for search engine optimization. currently we support WordPress and Joomla. We are committed to support other big CMS upon customer wish as well (namely: Drupal and Typo3).
Wordpress Plugin at GitHub
Joomla Plugin at GitHub

Mobile SDKs

Using our software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android software, developers can quickly and easily create their own apps based on the xamoom infrastructure or integrate the functionality into existing apps.
iOS SDK at GitHub
Android SDK at GitHub

Mobile Referenz-Apps

To further speed up the development process on new apps, we offer the apps for iOS and Android (based on the above mentioned SDKs)
Android App at GitHub
iOS App at iTunes
Android App at Google Play

xamoom Development Partner

Efficiently develop your own solutions based on the xamoom location CMS: location based services, apps, etc …
Become part of the xamoom developer network and benefit from joint projects.

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