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xamoom is a proven solution. That means that it is available today for a predictable cost. You do not have to carry any development risk and worry about missed deadlines.


You should do more important stuff than running and updating software on servers. xamoom’s engineers run and maintain your complete mobile solution.

Future proof

We are continuously developing every part of our platform. In case you realize that there is a new feature or something is a bit faster than it used to be, we might have updated something.

Calculable cost

You do not have to carry the burden of large investments upfront but instead, calculate with a monthly fee. Our fair and transparent prices start at 199 Euro per month.

A feature-rich content app

Push notifications in a certain radius at the best time an moment


Deliver relevant information with notifications. You decide the content and the radius of the signal. The notifications reach users at the right time and right place. Both are increasing the app’s usage and the user’s information.

Home Screen is easy to adapt - in realtime

Start screen

The start screen can be set up by you very easily using tags. Any update takes place in real-time and does not demand an app update. The grid is multilingual, translations to any language you desire are done quickly.

Multimedia elements are easy to embed


Display any media item you wish: text, images, audio guides, maps, videos and much more. Everything that a smartphone can display will be displayed. With xamoom everything loads fast, no unnecessary data will be consumed.

Helpful maps

Maps help your users to find out what’s where and indicate which worth seeing POIs are nearby. Integrated navigation leads unerringly to the next great experience.

app scans QR, EAN, barcode and supports NFC

Scans everything

The smart app scans besides QR a vast variety of other machine-readable codes: EAN/UPC barcodes, DataMatrix, Aztec, Code 39/93/128, 2of5 and many more. Why? This way the code can be public, but only users with your app can read the content behind the code.


We let the user decide how present the app will/can be.

The user also decides how he wants to navigate to locations: walking, by car or by bike.


Add event information to your pages.

Users can then save these information in their calendar or they can navigate to the event’s location.


Turn pages into vouchers to drive revenue.

Users can redeem vouchers. There are detailed statistics about redemptions so that no fraud is almost possible.

xamoom smart apps - an extensible solution

Infinitely extendible

You can specify multiple URLs for in-app viewing. These websites – they should have a mobile layout – can then be integrated into the app using an HTML viewer.

Instead of in the browser, these URLs open in a special window. Advantage: The user does not leave the app and stays in it for a longer time.

Even simpler integrations are possible with the link blocks.

Try it yourself

Try our sample smart app.

smart app for culture and museums including QR, NFC, iBeacons and calender of events

Project Ingeborg is our hobby project. We introduce regional artists within the region. Content is in German. It enjoyed global media coverage and prestigious awards.

i.xamoom: our own app features our blog and a growing number of valuable information around xamoom. Like all other apps, it features a dark mode.

xamoom tourism is an app where we showcase many features of xamoom. If you are interested, request an account for this CMS instance.

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