We’ve been working on this for seven months, tomorrow will be the day: For the first time ever we’ll let real users on our platform. At TEDx Klagenfurt we will introduce all speakers with 15 smart posters. It’s not really location-based, but we will have a chance to test everything.

Since Wednesday evening, our platform is ready. There are still many bugs here and there and everything could be a bit prettier. But the tension was high until the end. It works.

Get to know xamoom at TEDx Klagenfurt

Banner of a Google Hangout

We want to show you xamoom even if you can’t make it on the 20th of September to the TEDx. That’s why we invite you to hang out with us. There will be a Hangout on Air on Monday, September 29th at 6 pm CET.

We want to show you what we’ve got in mind and demonstrate our platform. We ask you for your understanding that we cannot reveal everything to the last detail. But you should get a good overview.

A QR code problem

And we have already learned again. Did you know about that bright QR codes on a darker background cannot be understood many apps?

Therefore our request: Can you tell us in the comments whether your reader app does the job with the QR code on the right (a little surprise for you)? Thank you!

We need your voices!

We do not want to be a reluctant pain, but until 28 September, you can vote for us daily for Austria’s Next Top Startup. And until October 20 your voice for Mazda Hero Challenger competition would be highly appreciated. In both cases, you may vote once a day!

Thank you!