There are days that are easy to throw away and there are days that you will keep in the memory forever. Last Friday for us was an eventful day for us. A day we will not forget any time soon.

A golden CREOS for & xamoom!

Georg and Bruno pose as winners of a CREOS award in gold

We knew that we were nominated for a CREOS (Carinthian State Prize for Advertising and Marketing). But we would never have dreamed of gold. We won the golden CREOS in category Digital & Social Media.

We were victorious for our work on Project Ingeborg, from which emerged the xamoom GmbH in April 2014. The rationale of the international jury made us completely speechless:

“A project that has immediately elicited a WOW at every member of the jury and must be seen as a highlight of the Creos 2014. Here is an excellent idea with a lot of empathy and great effort has been perfectly implemented. Respect!”

At a stroke, xamoom is on the map of the local advertising industry – at the perfect time for us. We see advertising agencies not as competitors, but as partners. We even work on a partner program for them.

Final of the A1 Startup Challenge

On Friday, we pitched for the first time. xamoom was quite good, maybe even very good. But it was not good enough for the victory of the A1 Startup Challenge. Congratulations to the startup Nimbusec that won at the end. They have a good product, a great team and is a good fit for a partnership with A1.

But we have not lost. Although only the first two startups were recognized, we got a chance due to the good performance of the SMS voting: We were unofficially third and are thus also for the Futurezone-Award “Startup of the Year”.

On Monday, October 6, we will be again in Vienna, where we will pitch for participation in the A1 startup program.

We must take every attention

Yes, we know … annoying votings. We thank you for the tremendous interest in the last voting. But we fear that they will have to bother you again. The title “Startup of the Year” would be a tremendous opportunity to be recognized as the important location Vienna and to be known.

Oh yes … at Mazda we could get 10,000 Euro, with whom we could hire our first employees sooner … will you vote for us?

Thank you therefore already now for sympathy and lots of patience with us. We assure you though, that we do much more than just participate in competitions;-)

What else?

The first three inquiries from potential customers (a car importer, a recreational facility and a brewery) make us more than positive, that we can achieve our first year’s goals. The offers are out …

After version 1 is done and the bug-fix version 1.1 is imminent, we will drive up sales slowly but surely. We are working on print materials, presentation templates, mailings and more. We also want to look at CRM-systems and ultimately our website will be overhauled in the coming weeks to add more product information.

Oh yes … and we still need a logo.

So long! We’ll keep you updated!

Photo: Klaus Kropf,