Last Friday we finally shipped our first demo packages. Interested users should get a simple way to test xamoom and explore possible applications.

We are also ready to scale our platform. In minutes, we can install many systems at once – out of thin air. This is a tremendous advantage of time over any other solution we know. In comparison, it takes hours or even days to just set up.

If you want one of your demo packages, feel free to order them on our website.

Version 1.7 is ready

Last Friday, we also have rolled out version 1.7 of the xamoom cloud. Today the last small changes were made to it. The young guns of Matakustix were replaced by the old guys of The Talltones (the xamoom code names relate to artists from Klagenfurt).

xamoom UI v 1.7

1.7 brings more than 25 improvements and is also the first version that can really be released to customers.

Highlights of the new version are:

  • The entire management interface is now translated and available in German and English
  • A better media library with improved file upload, integration in the page editor and managing metadata
  • Support for SoundCloud
  • Address and POI search on the system- and spot-map
  • Improved and faster search in pages and spots
  • Assignment of pages to multiple spots

Version 2.0 in development

Together with our development partners of but we are already working on version 2.0, which will be released in March. It includes our longest todo-list ever and will bring more than 50 new features and improvements.