Context Identifier

xamoom supports all techniques to identify the user’s context – the geo position or the proximity to an object.

None of those techniques is perfect – all of them have their specific strengths and weaknesses.

iBeacon NFC Chip QR Codes GEO Fencing
Description Small Bluetooth transmitters with a battery broadcast constantly information. There are two different beacon types: iBeacons broadcast three IDs. If they fit to an installed app, it can react accordingly. A tiny chip holds a URL stored. With the coil around the phone can give energy to the chip. Subsequently, the chip then reveals its information. The URL is opened in the mobile browser. A two-dimensional code that contains a URL. With QR scanner apps the phone decodes the URL and opens it in the browser. xamoom also supports barcodes, data matrix, code39/93/128 etc. Revolving around a point on the map, a circle is drawn (a “geofence”). In this imaginary circle, an app display the certain fitting information. In mobile browser a special URL (e.g must be opened.
Precision various zones from 100 meters to 30 centimeters a few millimeters a few centimeters ideally +/– 5 meters
  • Ease of use
  • Widely spread, all new smartphone have Bluetooth
  • Exact (micro) localization within buildings
  • Low power consumption (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Is active in the background
  • Extremely easy to use: Just place the phone one it
  • Wow effect at first use
  • Widely available (all Androids and new iPhones)
  • Possibility for branding public places with smart labels
  • Widely known
  • Cheap to print
  • Possibility for branding public places with smart labels
  • Free because no medium (e.g. smart label) is necessary
  • Easiest possible roll-out
  • iBeacons require a native app
  • Cost: depending on type 10 – 40 € per beacon
  • Battery has limited lifespan – depending on the model: 100 days to 5 years
  • Users barely know about it
  • Cost of chips: 20 – 60 Cent
  • Users need a scanner app
  • Bad reputation among marketers
  • Works only outdoor
  • No sign that there is information available
  • High power consumption on the phone
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With xamoom any combination is possible:

  • Smart labels (NFC and QR)
  • Smart labels with GPS geofence
  • only QR code, printed in a brochure or on a product package
  • iBeacon with GPS geofence
  • and much more

In addition, our flexible architecture allows us to react fast. Future technologies can be introduced quickly. Examples would be optical image recognition, handwriting recognition or LiFi (data through LED light).

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