For each start-up, the first customer is a very special one. We are pleased to call Mazda Austria the first customer of xamoom.

The car importer uses the xamoom cloud to inform its visitors at the Vienna Autoshow 2015 – one of the most important events of the year – about his models and various innovation topics. With a QR scan or by touching the NFC stickers an article appears. The circular labels were attached to the relevant points in the car. The entry barrier for users is as low as possible because no special app must be installed (except for a QR scanner for iPhone users).

Feature Focus: multiple languages

The automatic handling of different language versions of an article was of particular importance to Mazda. The xamoom cloud uses the language ID of the user’s phone to determine which language it should deliver. Is the desired language not available in the system, it will deliver the default language. Hungarian or Slovak visitors, therefore, get served in their mother tongue as well as an Austrian.

Screenshot of the xamoom CMS early 2015

The xamoom cloud can handle any number of languages. New languages can be added through the link “Add New”. The content of the primary language can easily be copied as a template for all other languages. While editing you can always jump back and forth between different languages without losing any content.

Fast Deployment

The project was implemented over the Christmas holidays 2014/15. While it took only two hours to add the content to the system (for all supported languages), the deployment was pulled in length only by the time of the event and the printing the stickers. The summary page for the menu needed only a few mouse clicks.

The possibly very high traffic density in the mobile network at the Vienna Exhibition Center made some concerns before the event. At the event, these quickly disappeared. We encountered only a slightly slower content delivery than usual but at no time serious problems with mobile networks.

Video: Daniel Gollner

Screenshots Mazda Mobile