On Wednesday we received great news: netidee.at, a program of the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA), supports the development of xamoom with 40,000 Euro. 40,000 Euro is an enormous amount of money for a startup like ours and we are grateful. The IPA has been the first institution that believed in our Project Ingeborg and supported the development in 2012 with 10,000 Euro.

With this support we had to make an obligation: all developments that are supported must be made available under an open source license – something that we wanted to do anyway.

With open source to an ecosystem

xamoom offers infrastructure upon which a variety of innovative services can be implemented. xamoom will not only enable forward-looking mobile services but also create the basis for a creative playground. We want to release the burden of hosting, scaling and developing or logistics from all who have great ideas.

We also want to address third-party developers. In 2015, we will disclose some of the code of our platform. It will not just be interfaces, but also a substantial part of our apps. We want to allow third parties to develop their own apps for xamoom. Apps that might contain features that we currently do not even dream of. Apps that will be the basis for informative, groundbreaking or even crazy services tomorrow.

xamoom will not only foster creative potential. We will allow third parties, of course, to monetize the platform.

We don’t want to just add, we want to multiply! xamoom and the eco-system around it will be greater than the sum of the parts.

We look forward to the future. Thank you, netidee!