QR codes and NFC tags have always been dynamic at xamoom. Dynamic means that not the same content is always delivered, but that the respective pages can be adapted – manually by the CMS user or automatically by means of a set of rules. We call these rules: Conditional Content. So the content follows a condition.

xamoom offers a number of such conditions. The backend then makes a decision about the delivery:

  • Number of contacts of a specific user
  • How often has a user interacted with a QR/NFC?
  • How often has the spot been viewed in total?
  • Time and date
  • Random probability
  • Access technology (QR, NFC, iBeacon, Geofence, Custom ID) or platform (web or app)
  • In customer-specific solutions, certain characteristics of the person (child/parents, man/woman, registered/not registered, etc.) can also be addressed.

This can be used to implement A/B tests as well as competitions or sweepstakes and even loyalty programs. In this way, the best content for the user's situation or the most suitable for the marketer's goal is provided from a pool of any number of pages. This increases the relevance and makes the customer a little more satisfied.

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The dynamic start screen

With QR codes and NFC tags, these “xamoom tricks” have been working since the very beginning. What is new is that we have now also implemented this dynamic into our iBeacon stack (and from November on, it will also work with geofences). The start screen has now become more relevant for the user.

Here are two examples:

In the example at the top left, shopping vouchers are raffled off in a competition with a certain probability and a maximum number of winners. The use of a beacon in gastronomy is shown at the top right: the lunch menu is served in the morning until noon, and from the afternoon onwards, an invitation is made to the barbeque in the evening.

Both work not only on the start screen but of course also with notifications.

The possibilities behind conditional content are enormous and we are happy to help customers with the initial configuration.