xamoom’s smart apps support geofencing. Target your message to a location with the hassle of iBeacon hardware.

Note: This feature is only available in xamoom's smart app.

A message gets its audience if it is relevant. And relevance can mean a lot – it can be person-specific, age- or gender-specific, and in many cases a message needs to be relevant for the place the user is in.

Geo-targeting is hard to do. xamoom, therefore, supports all kinds of techniques: smart posters with QR and NFC, iBeacons, and now also geofencing.

A map with geofences


A geofence consists of a point and a radius around it on a map. Apps can perform certain actions in this zone. On entering there could be a message and while the user is in this zone, a corresponding article is displayed on the app's start screen. On exiting, the article disappears.

In xamoom's smart apps, this looks exactly like an iBeacon. If the user is within a geofence a new line appears on top called “Nearby”. It shows all the iBeacons and geofences the user is in.

Attention: This only works in the foreground when the user opened the app.

iBeacons without beacon hardware

The big advantage is that you do not have to roll out and maintain iBeacons:

  • No hardware investment at all
  • No need to ask for permission to mount beacon hardware out
  • No maintenance – batteries do not have to be changed
  • A geofence can be set up and changed without leaving your office computer.

How setup works

To start with geofencing, just set up a new spot and place it – for testing purposes – at your current location. To do so, you can use the search feature of the map and then fine-tune the location with the mouse.

Setting up a spot in the xamoom CMS


For geofencing to work, you need to add the tag “x-geofence” to the spot.

Additionally, you can specify the size of the geofence. This is done at the bottom right in the box called “Custom Meta”. There you enter the key “diameter” and a numeric value in meter.

Magic comes with conditional content

Spots serve content and this content can adapt to the situation the user is in. It can be tuned to a higher degree of relevancy. Here are some examples:

  • You can offer rebates only during certain times of the day. During the rebate hours the geofence offers automatically the page with the rebate, in all other times, it offers something else.
  • Customer loyalty can be rewarded by awarding a voucher for multiple visits to a location.
  • During opening hours, an invitation to come into the store is served. During the night there could be an online ordering form.

For more information on conditional content, please go to this page:

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