The idea: special music in special places

The Styrian band Amanda released their new album on the 22 of April. Amanda made it possible to listen to the album at selected locations in advance . These special places combined with the music created a magical moment. The place was filled with sounds similar to pinkfloyd,  and this selected places also gave the music a different meaning and weight.

At more than 20 places, parks and special places in Austria and Germany, defined by the band, there was and is the opportunity to access the new album at If you approach one of the listed locations within a defined radius, xamoom releases a link to the album stream that is only available at these locations.

The Styrian band Amanda released their new album on April 22, 2022


It was a great wish that the listener consciously and calmly gets involved with this concept album. A album in which the band put a lot of love and work.

The special places of the album release


and try out geofencing


A geofence consists of a point on a map and a radius around it. Apps can perform certain actions in this zone. On entering there could be a message and while the user is in this zone, a corresponding article is displayed on the app's start screen. On exiting, the article disappears.

In xamoom's smart apps, this looks exactly like an iBeacon. If the user is within a geofence a new line appears on top called “Nearby”. It shows all the iBeacons and geofences the user is in. This only works in the foreground when the user opened the app.

iBeacons without beacon hardware

The big advantage is that you do not have to roll out and maintain iBeacons:

  • No hardware investment at all
  • No need to ask for permission to mount beacon hardware out
  • No maintenance – batteries do not have to be changed
  • A geofence can be set up and changed without leaving your office computer.

Magic comes with conditional content

Spots serve content and this content can adapt to the situation the user is in. It can be tuned to a higher degree of relevancy. Here are some examples:

  • You can offer rebates only during certain times of the day. During the rebate hours the geofence offers automatically the page with the rebate, in all other times, it offers something else.
  • Customer loyalty can be rewarded by awarding a voucher for multiple visits to a location.
  • During opening hours, an invitation to come into the store is served. During the night there could be an online ordering form.

For more information on conditional content, contact us via email or please visit our help pages.