Welcome to xamoom 8.0 »Maria Lassnig«. As common with every major release of xamoom, we honor one artist from Carinthia. This time it is the painter Maria Lassnig and there is a good reason for our choice: Lassnig is worldwide known and recognized for her distinct personal style.

With version 8 we are opening ourselves up for a more international audience and we can offer users a more personal experience than ever before. Here are the most important features that we brought to the product during the last seven months:

The xamoom CMS and an app

1 | Recommendation engine

With xamoom we are standing for one promise: always give you the best content in the right situation. But what if you are on vacation and want to get inspiration on what else to see or experience? Well, now we can give you recommendations that couldn’t be more personal.

iPhone with an app by xamoomBased on where you have already been in the region or what you have already visited we will give you recommendations of stuff you definitely will like. How? We match you with like-minded strangers who toured the same region as well – as usually completely anonymously. We also take factors into consideration like opening hours – for example, if Museum A is closed right now because you might check your travel guide during the night.

Recommendations are not exclusive to applications in tourism. Just think of museums, cultural projects or even mobile solutions around shopping. We can help your customers experience more, consume stuff they currently don’t know about or buy tickets to locations that they will like for sure. This feature can be implemented by us or any third-party developer into a (mobile) web solution, an app or voice assistants like Alexa.

2 | 66 new languages

We not only provide users with the right content in their current context. This is also true for the right language.

Servus! ជំរាបសួរ! Hello! 여보세요! Molo! हॅलो! Hola! ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ! Helo! 你好! สวัสดี!

 שלום ! مرحبا ! سلام !

Right, we are now also supporting RTL languages (right to left) like Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu or Pashto. The challenge here was not only to align text to the right but to also to change the user interface (positions of menus, icons for link blocks, usability for media players etc.). We went this extra mile to offer a consistently great user experience for all users.

Now you can offer great content in every language spoken by more than 20 million native speakers and every European language (like Romansh, Gaeltacht or Cymraeg), no matter how small it is – the main thing: you can use it on a smartphone.

3 | Desktop client and custom designs

We are and will always be a CMS that is mobile first. But we recognized our customer’s need for having a desktop client. Now it is possible to open every xamoom system (with mobile web plus) on a desktop browser– if the customer wishes so. The desktop client is and will always be a work in progress. It will evolve over time. For examples, see i.xamoom.com or m.pingeb.org.

In addition, we introduced a feature that allows our customers to name any URL that gets shared if the user wants to share the page using the (coming soon) share button on a page. Even if we are opening the system up for social sharing, the customer has still full control of the content, not having to deal with problems like duplicate content.

Another novelty in this context is the ability to have complete control over the look and feel of the (mobile) web client. You can adapt the design to your likings using the custom.css file that we ship with our client.

4 | voice assistants

Somehow we realized last year by accident that our CMS is perfectly fitted to feed content to voice assistants like Amazon’s Echo. Using tags, names and the right content blocks you can build a hierarchy of content that can be used to answer questions in a custom Alexa skill.

Amazon Echo Alexa mit deutschen Sprechblasen eines xamoom Dienstes

Of course, this did not work out of the box. A speech model needed to be written and a number of training session for the team were necessary that Visit Wörthersee could launch Austria’s first custom Alexa skill on January 30th.

You can also start your flash briefing skill with content right out of xamoom.

5 | new stats and tracking

We’re now tracking and reporting even more relevant KPIs like the number of notifications (total and per spot), opening rate, etc. Overall, it’s now more than 20 KPIs you can track.

Our intent here is to support our customers with numbers that give you real insights about your target audience and how they interact with content.

Of course, we’re 100 percent GDPR compliant with our tracking since it is still anonymous. So far, we have not integrated all new stats visually into our statistics page but will offer them in a machine-readable form for you on a regular basis.

Noteworthy smaller features

In total there are 100+ new features, improvements and bug fixes in the product. So here’s what you might have missed on the first glance.

Content block list

Imagine you want to make a list of pages – be it a newsflash or a list of restaurants in a region. If you add one more page, you always have to think about adding it to the overview page too. Enter: lists. Just enter a tag you are using for pages and content gets assembled automatically.

xamoom CMS content block list with smartphone

This sounds rather trivial, but it is a huge help for your daily work with the cms.

Feature pack: events

We are developing our product according to the feedback we get from customers. Not every feature request makes it into the product. The reason is simple: not every customer needs it. But sometimes we see that something might be of importance to more. And in order not to clutter the whole content editor too much, we decided to introduce feature packs. The first one deals with events (times and locations), more will follow in the future.

New app banner

We do offer both the mobile web and apps – acknowledging that not everybody installs apps for everything. So, if someone does not have an app installed, the mobile web could tell him about the possibility to do so.

To turn this on, just add the app’s ID to the settings and you are all set.


Safer copying & pasting

Everybody who has ever worked with a CMS knows this problem: You paste text from other websites or Microsoft Word into the editor and everything seems to be broken and ugly. The resulting text does not fit the rest of the document. In native apps, this is even more dramatic since it shows a lot of crap text instead of the real content.

We are making copying and pasting seamless. Just paste and we drop all the weird characters from the source.

Support chat in the xamoom CMSSupport chat in the cms

If you have any question using xamoom, you can now ask us anytime – right from where you had the question in the first place. We integrated a support chat right into the cms.

Do you want to see all these changes in action? Just register for a free demo.

Cover photo: Till Niermann/CC BY SA 3.0