Great news everyone! xamoom gets a great chance to grow enormously with an investment. Now we have the resources to also break through internationally.

With the Ventocom, a successful mobile phone company invested in us. As MVNO – mobile operator without own network – Ventocom runs the mobile service Hofer Telekom (HoT) and thus grows itself very quickly. The managing partner of the company is no stranger: Michael Krammer. He was the CEO of tele.ring up until the point when it was sold to T-Mobile and then managed the mobile providers One/Orange until they were sold to Hutchison. Besides that, Krammer is the president of SK Rapid Wien.

“The issue of mobile communications has many facets and we as Ventocom always want to be at the forefront,” says CEO Michael Krammer Ventocom.” The product of xamoom has enormous potential, which we will rise rapidly with a very ambitious domestic team and strong partners such as ORF”, continues the Mobile Manager.

Ventocom and ORF invest in xamoom, group picture with Bruno and Georg as well as Michael Krammer and Gerald Reischl

ORF Accelerator and Office in Vienna

xamoom was also accepted in the futurelab.261 of the ORF. We receive support from high-profile mentors and workshops, which means that we get Office Space in the new Accelerator, planned at Küniglberg. xamoom remains in Klagenfurt, but we will soon have a branch in Vienna.

Not only do we look forward to the cooperation, but also the ORF, with which we will realize exciting projects: “xamoom fits perfectly to the ORF due to its product portfolio”, says the commercial director of the ORF. “The start-up initiative is an important step to make the ORF fit for the digital future. Their knowledge and innovations are combined with the strengths of the ORF. From this know-how transfer, the ORF will benefit greatly.”

Smartphones are becoming increasingly important and, for example in the field of art and culture, which is also part of the public service remit, we can contribute much xamoom. Then there is the efficiency of our location-CMS, the Developer Tools and the Content Delivery Networks that can mean cost reductions in some areas.

Two Partners, Many Chances

In addition to the investment, we look forward to the teamwork with Ventocom and the ORF. From both partnerships, we expect a lot of expertise and a lot of contacts for new business opportunities.

In addition, this will also strengthen the confidence of customers in xamoom. Startups have sometimes the reputation that they are not just financially strong and have an uncertain future. This is now done and we are optimistic about a bright future!