The days before our tiny launch on Saturday … at TEDx Klagenfurt our shiny new platform will be online for the very first time.

Until Saturday, we will get to know our own beast better and we will eventually find out if everything works as we imagined it. In the beginning, there will only be a limited feature set and for sure the one or the other bug. But on Saturday we are 100 miles further along our journey.

Yet, this is just the start. Many things need to evolve until xamoom is complete and ready for sale.

Two developers ahead of our plans

We are already busy planning for next year and raising the money for it. In Q1 2015 we will hire two additional developers. The earlier we can afford it, the earlier we will hire them.

You can help us! How?

We are at the shortlist of the Mazda Challenge. Together with three other projects, we need your vote.

The price is 10,000 Euro which we will spend hiring 2 developers earlier than planned!

The voting is not the only factor but it will help a lot. At last a jury will take the decision.

Down there you will find Daniel Gollner’s video. The voting (German only) can be found here. We don’t know the exact voting mechanism but it seems that you can vote for us once a day until October 20th. Thank you!

A1- Austria’s Next Top Startup

Until September 28th you can vote daily at the Futurezone. The top 5 from the voting get the chance to pitch at Telekom Austria for entry into the A1 Startup Program.

Sujet des Wettbewerbs A1 Austrias next top startup futurezone

Thanks a lot too!