This crisis poses enormous challenges for our customers or even threatens their very existence. We want to help. But how?

We cannot give you anything for free and we do not want to give you anything for which we will charge after the crisis. But: We want you to be in good shape again after the crisis. We have some knowledge and a lot of experience with mobile projects. Our offer to all our customers:

  • Support & Consulting: How does it work? How can I achieve a certain goal with mobile technology ?
  • Practical help: moving content or preparing an app marketing campaign
  • Training for everyone: Do your employees or stakeholders need mobile know-how? We like to train ... virtually/online.

We support our customers to the best of our ability – free of charge and hopefully with great impact. If you want to use it ... just call: +43-463-930330

Our developers are neither in short-time work nor have we layed off anyone. Our developers are working hard to make xamoom even better for you: QR scanners on the mobile web, language picker, digital vouchers, content block tours, easier app configuration and much more are on the roadmap.

I just know that this is not an empty saying: stay healthy!
Georg and the whole xamoom team

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