The contribution that the build! incubator provides for Carinthia, simply cannot be estimated highly enough. It is a breeding ground for innovative ideas and business models. Airborneaugmensysbitmovin, ilogs, thethinking, xamoom and all the other startups from Carinthia would most likely exist without build! as well. However, surely they would have all grown much more slowly or would not have found their full potential.

How did we benefit from build!?

  1. Infrastructure and a loan: A product like ours is not built overnight. One and a half years of development is already invested in it. It is impossible to build something like that from scratch so quickly without having any large funds while having to earn the money for rent and living expenses with side jobs. build! provides an office with internet, furniture and a PC (no top model, but still).
  2. Expertise in the form of workshops and advice when it was needed. Priceless!
  3. Money: There are subsidies for development, coaching and consulting.

Logo buildWhoever has a scalable idea – and be it ever so obliquely (something completely new can seem obliquely for some) – should definitely report it (tel.: +43-463-2700-8740, email: and just talk about it. In the worst case, you will be brought back to the ground of reality. The application process is not easy, but doable.

Oh yes: You should never work completely in secret and without feedback on ideas, but rather start talking about it as early and as often as possible. Whoever is still afraid … do not panic: the employees are sworn to secrecy.

We’re happy to help. We, as well as all the other build!-alumni, will gladly provide you with help, about how to create the business plan, how to properly spice up the presentation for the council meeting or simply to provide some tips about the application.

We are moving out prematurely

Usually the build! program lasts for 18 months. We are moving out already after 17 months. On September 1, our team is going to get bigger again with reinforcements in marketing and more than five people simply do not fit into our office.

Our address, however, remains the same. From 1st September we are “normal tenants” of the Lakeside Park: Lakeside B01A, 1st floor, A-9020 Klagenfurt.

What could build! do even better?

Is everything perfect? Almost. We have an idea, that could make everything even better.

There should be no reasonable startup that wants to start boxed in and reclusive in an individual office. If there should be more exchanging and cooperation, communal open-plan offices would be essential. Relating to security policy this should not be a problem, but it would inspire the team spirit. Therefore: Tear down the walls in B01!

Here are a few start-up offices that picture how something like this might look like.

At the end one more thing:
Thank you build! and its initiator, Erich Schwarz von der Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt. Thank you, taxpayers, that there is an institution like this. Carinthia desperately needs more builders!