Smart Label as deployed on Lake Woerth“Not enough to offer”, complained the Carinthian holiday-makers according to a survey done in the spring of 2015. In many cases, however, the guests simply do not know what all there is to see and do. To make sure that this criticism is not due to lack of information, the Wörthersee Tourismus Gesellschaft (WTG) has decided to try a new approach with a mobile tourist information system. Starting with the end of September, they have equipped various Points of Interest with new smart stickers. These, when scanned, provide guests and locals with additional information and content, available directly on their smartphones.

Another problem in tourism is that there are less and less regular guests and the re-visitation rate is decreasing. This can be countered with more extensive information: The more visitors know, the higher the emotional attachment and hence a higher chance for them to come back. For whoever knows nothing about the place, every holiday region is replaceable. A mobile information system can help with this as well.

Considering the recent addition of FreeSeeLan, namely free Wi-Fi around the lake for all the visitors to utilize, the next logical step in the future of digital tourism is using xamoom to bring information straight to the mobiles of the guests. “We believe that nowadays guests tend to use more and more technology to get information. One must not forget the time we live in, but instead should go and help build the future”, says Markus Perdacher, the mayor of Maria Wörth. He had the honor of being the first one to place the new Wörthersee stickers.

The connected cities can be recognized by the smart labels (see above right). Alternatively, users who want to look for them can enter in their mobile browser anywhere around the lake.

Tourist information system helps with story-telling in tourism

“The system is great, it is great fun to work with xamoom”, says Stefanie Zofall from the WTG. While the sun provides the perfect fall backdrop, the first xamoom system in the tourism branch is being rolled out in Maria Wörth: a location-based information service for the guests around the lake.

“The interface is designed very clearly. It is bright, friendly and looks really well on the phone. The preview feature is simply great”, says Zofall, responsible for the content of the system at the Wörthersee Tourismus. After the few locations around Maria Wörth, another 80 Spots around the lake will follow this year. This way everything will be ready for the coming season 2016. Guests and locals will be informed about exciting details of the main sights and even supplied with insider tips.

“I am convinced that the guests will like this addition”, Zofall says. We are excited and are looking forward to a great summer of 2016.

xamoom team with mayor Perdacher of Maria Woerth