Content management and content creation for companies/organizations.


Customers buy emotionally. They need stories, narratives and anchors to feel good about their purchase.

Every day, all products and services are in a relentless battle for attention, desire and acceptance.

"No story, no glory": with storytelling you can accompany and influence these decision-making processes and make products desirable - on all common channels (website, newsletter, social media platforms). Away from these channels, there are many new opportunities to get into the mindset and, above all, onto the mobile device of your target group.

The basis for this is our content management system. Our workshop gets the best out of xamoom for you, whether you are an existing user or a newcomer.

We show you where content can be generated in your company, how it can be prepared in a contemporary way and how it can be "played out" effectively across all channels.

Your benefit

  • Creation of unambiguous messages
  • Individual development of a text module based on a concrete example of use
  • Discovering methods to promote one's own creativity
  • no (just a little) theory and working on one's own stories

Our credo: "Be unique - make yourself unmistakable".

Workshop costs

EURO 490,- net

  • preparation
    adapted to the requirements of the customer, desired topic can be worked on
  • two-hour online story workshop
    tell your story
    Create content with xamoom
  • postprocessing
    presentation and summary

The storyteller

Mario Schönherr was born in Klagenfurt, moved to Munich and works as a creative consultant. He has many years of experience with all forms of communication: public relations, holistic communication concepts, content management, community and brand building, event design, point of sale marketing, guerrilla campaigns, etc.

Mario Schönherr - the storyteller


xamoom - framework for wonderful stories

Stories sound good on their own, but are useless if they are not communicated in a timely manner. xamoom ensures that the right content arrives at the right place at the right time. Always with the "mobile first" - optimized for the perfect user experiences on smartphones as well as on any frontend.

Kathrin & Gerald from xamoom know how to optimally implement stories in the mobile world