We are constantly improving xamoom and always have two big development goals:

  1. To make our customers' life easier and
  2. to constantly open up new opportunities from which you can benefit.

Our most important development step of the last year is finally finished and ready to use: forms.

Workflows and many integrations

xamoom.forms not only enables convenient data entry for the end-user. We also optimize our customers' daily work. Forms can initiate complex workflows and automate recurring tasks.

With the xamoom.forms, for example, a brochure order could be fully automatic ...

  • handed over to a CRM system,
  • transfer the data to the email marketing suite for the double opt-in,
  • an entry is created in the Slack communication tool for the clerk and
  • confirmation is being sent to the sender.

Here you can find some application examples of xamoom.forms:

Event RSVP and Survey

Event-RSVP: A confirmation should be sent to the guest. Special requests (e.g. vegan food) can also be recorded to simplify planning for the caterer.

Surveys and ratings: Do you want to ask your customers, guests, users, or the community for their opinion quickly and easily? With the right form, it's a no-brainer!

mCommerce & Quizzes

Mobile Commerce: By connecting payment services such as Stripe or PayPal, tickets or merchandise products can also be sold and delivered directly to the guest's hotel room.

Gamification: One of the most frequent inquiries to us in recent years was: “We would like to have gamification. Puzzle rallies for children and families.” Well, you can do it now and it's child's play!

Inquiries and contact forms

Inquiry tool: A form can forward an inquiry to the correct supervisor (sales or support) depending on the sender.

Contact form: It should be made as easy as possible for users to get in touch with a company or institution. The existing buttons for messaging (for SMS or WhatsApp) or email are of course still great tools.

Covid check-in or lead nurturing

Covid-19 Check-In: If restaurants and bars are allowed to reopen, check-in solutions will probably be mandatory. With xamoom.forms these can also be implemented – simply and securely, as we rely on proper encryption.

Lead nurturing: Users can make inquiries or download a goodie (e.g. an ebook). In both cases, contact information is made available that is valuable for the subsequent marketing and sales processes.

Nothing is impossible

With xamoom.forms, nothing is impossible! With our limited developer resources, we could never have built such a comprehensive and high-quality solution ourselves. Instead, we have resorted to the leading form provider on the web, Gravity Forms, and operate our own form cluster for our customers. The integration into the xamoom CMS is seamless, the use in the mobile web as well as in native apps is possible.

Realize mobile mini shops in 1-2-3

Staged roll-out

As mentioned, we also enable the use of various integrations in third-party systems. These always belong to the customer (no, we will not become a payment service provider) and must be tested accordingly. We have therefore decided to roll out xamoom.forms in stages.

  1. General availability: At the moment everything is possible that defines forms.
  2. Geo-referencing: From March on, it will be possible to ask users for their current geo-position. This could help, for example, to locate problems along hiking trails and quickly eliminate them.
  3. Payment: From May/June on, we will also fully support Stripe and PayPal.


We have invested heavily in development and hosting of the service. That's why we offer xamoom.forms as a premium extension that will cost 79 Euro per month. This includes:

  • unlimited forms with unlimited entries
  • reliable hosting and sending of email notifications
  • continuous development
  • comprehensive training and support
  • Access to the upcoming forms gallery

If you are interested in this extension, we are looking forward to hearing from you: