Dear Friends,

It was a marvelous day for us: xamoom is alive, xamoom may fly.

We have been accepted at the AplusB Gründerzentrum build! We now have the opportunity to realize our dream within the next 18 months in the academic incubator at the University of Klagenfurt.

Lots of hard work is ahead of us. In front of us are a lot of hardships and a lot of creative work. In front of us, the future waits.

What we started in July 2012, with Projekt Ingeborg (, will grow. At xamoom, we will further develop the idea of joyful discovery of regional art and we will try to spread it globally. How big our idea is or could become, we dare not dream about. We see tremendous potential, gigantic opportunities, and a global challenge. And we see clearly defined problems that need to be solved.

We look forward to taking many artists and cultural initiatives with us on our journey. With the acceptance at build! also comes the first grant for xamoom. We want to thank you – on behalf of all taxpayers – for the opportunity offered to us.

We are now allowed to fly and we will tell you more about our flight tests and crash landings (yes, there will also be unpleasant news). A good year will pass before you can fly with us. We will start working on our software and immediately begin to refine our business models. We will mainstream our processes and work on the franchise concept.

In the meantime, we wish you many pleasurable discoveries of regional artists. Use the fantastic weather, go out and look for one of the flashy yellow stickers. And if you are not from Klagenfurt, Graz, Salzburg, Villach or Weimar, we will come to you. We promise!