A few weeks ago, we've been taking a closer look into speech synthesis and how it can help you offering multilingual audio guides. While this technology is getting better almost every day, the same is true for auto translation.

Offering the best content possible in a variety of languages is important – not only for manufacturing companies with product boxes in a many different markets but also in tourism.

While we have constantly been asked to offer auto translation services, we were always reluctant. The quality did not convince us completely. Recently, we've been trying translation technologies occationaly on our own – to assess their capabilities and technological advancements.

One thing that came to our attention: The quality of these technologies is absolutely ready for prime time. At the same time, one big customer asked again for an auto-translation service. So we built it.

Our approach to auto-translation

We've built a powerful auto-translation feature for pages using state of the art natural language processing and translation models.

The service is transparent to the user, always giving him complete control over what pages and language versions get translated – nothing is overwritten without the explicit wish to do so. The user can trigger the translation service with the update button. All languages that are chosen by the customer will be translated except the primary language and those which are already present on a page.

Seconds after pressing the button, the page shows it's new language versions and is ready for reviewing the quality of the translation and to add some manual changes. Currently, xamoom supports all 98 languages supported by either iOS or Android. From those, 79 are ready for auto-translate.

The feature is available right now to all our customers as a premium add-on. If you are intrested in using auto-translate to serve more multi-lingual content, please contact sales@xamoom.com.

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