We are continuously shipping improvements and new features. This summer we took the time to rewrite a big part of our code. The result is a smile on every content worker’s face: Up to 20x performance improvements to an already super-fast content management system (CMS) and new possibilities for mobile marketing.

We are obsessed with speed since we know that no one wants to wait on the phone and slow content management is a huge deal-breaker. If your co-workers do not like the CMS, your mobile-first strategy is in big jeopardy.

Oh, by the way! xamoom’s version 9.0 is dedicated to the Carinthian band »Matakustix«. They reinvent traditional folk songs and bring them into the present.

Woman shopping with a phone

1 Close deals with your most loyal customers

Using all possible technologies (QR, NFC, iBeacon, GPS geofencing) you can identify how often a visitor/customer is at a certain location or in proximity to an object. You can then react accordingly to reward repeat customers.

If a shopper is four times on one day close to the outdoor apparel shelve you could offer her the decisive discount to trigger the sale. Or imagine a brewery that can identify loyal guests to certain restaurants or bars with xamoom. It could thank for the loyalty with a free beer.

There are tons of other new possibilities with “conditional content” in this release that work out of the box.

  • You can soon also randomly present a page to select a sample of winners (x percent of all users),
  • show a different page on every x scan/users (doing an A/B/C/D-test), or
  • present different pages based on the access technology (QR, NFC, iBeacon, GPS).

Please remember: With xamoom, you can always change the page(s) that show up at a QR/NFC/beacon any time with a few mouse clicks – even if they are already rolled out millions of times.

Woman downloading apps to her phone

2 Promote your mobile apps better

App marketing is hard, and it is getting harder every day. Since some people do not install apps (or even don’t know how to do it) you can always present the information using your mobile web portal by xamoom.

However, it is also possible that the mobile web only promotes your apps. On one and the same location, a QR/NFC/GPS can broadcast a different page for the mobile web than what is shown in the app. Clever teaser pages drive installation numbers substantially!

This works – as the other examples above – out of the box with no extra development needed.

Showing a phone receiving push notifications

3 Push it really good

Push notifications are considered the holy grail when it comes to user activation and engagement. You can broadcast a message to all your app users and offer a discount, invite them to an event, or present news from firsthand.

But there is a fine line between driving traffic and rising uninstalls. We all know spammy apps that ping you every other minute until you finally read the bloody message. Such an app behavior is doing you a disservice and cause you actual harm.

Hence, there were a lot of reasons why we went the extra mile to develop our own push service. It should be easy to use for our clients. They can now send multi-lingual notifications with ease from any page in the CMS. The notification brings the user directly to the page.

The other reason for our own service is context. Our customers will be protected from being too spammy because of our context-awareness.

  • We will soon ship geo push. You can then choose to send notifications to all users within a certain radius or to only those who are not there.
    Imagine a tourism destination that invites its guest to a festival. Being already at home, these messages might be pointless and a signal to uninstall the app entirely.
    Another example: Fans attending a sports match see the score live but those at home could love a goal alarm.
  • There is always a context to take into consideration whether to deliver a push notification: Is he an adult or a teenager? Is he already a member or not yet? For how long has the app not being used?

Oh, by the way: Push costs an additional fee of 49 Euro per month. This is flat, you can send as many messages as you wish.

A EAN/UPC code is being scanned

4 Save space on product packages

xamoom makes product packages smart by connecting them with QR or NFC to the internet. This is great for telling the story behind a product and distribute digital companions.

Knowing more about a product increases customer satisfaction and lowers support cost. The more a customer knows about the product the more likely he will be come back and buy again. This is a prerequisite for (digital) upselling and unlocking the potential of new (digital) business models.

But in some cases, there is not space left on the package or the marketing department does not want to add an additional QR code or NFC tag. Using xamoom 9.0 and an app, this is not necessary at all. There is already a machine-readable code on every product: a barcode.

If you have an app by xamoom you can tell your customers to scan the barcode to get the appropriate information.

Do not forget to communicate that feature within your app since scanning a barcode is not a standard behaviour for consumers.

Other notable improvements:

Well, there is more! There are a ton of smaller features and improvements that are worth the major release stepping. Here are four examples:

  • You can now have a custom URL that points to pages that can always change. We call these custom marker IDs. Imagine you have the URL m.domain.com/event and change the page behind always to the most current festival. These URLs are memorable and can be typed with ease.
  • xamoom 9.0 also brings auto-complete for tags. This makes your daily life as a content worker easier since you cannot make errors with taxonomies that control content lists or your app’s look & feel.
  • Hosting by xamoom: From now on we take care of hosting your mobile web portal on our infrastructure. You only have to do some changes to your DNS records and we take care of the rest. It’s super-fast and free for all customers of xamoom pro and enterprise.
  • Easy design changes: Along with the new hosting, you can change the look & feel of your mobile web portal with ease. Just change a few properties in the custom-CSS-panel and the mobile web reflects your corporate design.